Friday, April 27, 2007

Still Waitin' on the WSOP

Heh. Like watching water boil. Yes, I plan on being there. No, I don't know exactly when, yet, or for how long. Three days? Six weeks? I've got no less than four partial deals for writing stuff in the process of being worked out, so that's not the problem, but I'm still waiting for stuff to shake free so I can make my hotel commitments and the like.

Ideally, I'd like to drive out there, but whether that plan will work remains to be seen. It's very rare these days when I can arrange for a contiguous period of 48 hours without being online and when I don't have a pressing deadline, though that has some nice rewards, too.

As with yesterday, when I put in a lo-o-o-ng day after taking Wednesday off for that surgery. The anasthetic turned out to a valium-morphine mix (and was rather yummy!), but between that and the Vicodins for after I was pretty much out of it for more than a day.

Back to poker.

Will I be able to play in any of the smaller WSOP events? That was once a dream, but it's looking a bit more remote, just from the time factor involved. I'll likely be too busy with other projects to be able to commit to a long strecth at the tables myself, though, of course, that's optimistic planning. Chances are I'd get in and get bounced relatively quick. I probably will have the chance to play a couple of those crapshoot $160 super-sats, so I may have a lammer or two if I'm fortunate enough to win one.

More serious poker discussion shortly. I'm still in catch-up mode.


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

"Ideally, I'd like to drive out there . . . "

So they must've finally completed the chunnel from Bouvet Island. Good news!

Hope all them WSOP gigs come through so we get to enjoy maximum Haley-coverage.

Haley said...

I can'r remember what state I live in, besides Confused. So I'm an adopted Bouvetian.