Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Busy Not Playing

Any full-time writer working in a niche market can tell you what happens as you work more and more within that area: Your time for actually participating in the activity that drew in drains away in an inexorable manner. Such is the way it is with me and actually playing poker at the moment, due to these extra responsibilities I can't quite publicize yet. Then toss in a weekend drive up to my parents' home in north central Wisconsin for Easter, and playing poker just hasn't been in the mix.

I snuck in three tourneys last Wednesday evening. Two SNGs, where I took a fourth and a fourth, and an 11-player private tourney where I took another fourth. So that was enough poker for the night anyway.

Tonight I finally had a moment to try again, and things are at least a little better. Tried one of those $15+1 turbo SNG thingies on Bodog that I was crushing a couple of months back but had gotten away from recently. They changed the format about the time the NETeller fracas occurred, I went on a bit of a cold run, and just didn't get to play things much for a while. Tonight, I finally won one of the things after six or eight tries without much success.

And I'm finishing up another small semi-private tourney, too. Wednesdays on Bodog the Kick Ass Poker league normally runs, with buy-ins alternating between $10 and $20. (Psssst: If you wanna play, the secret password is 'lefty.') Tonight, I came back from dead cards and an ugly beat in the middle to catch a couple of big hands and run to the money, and we're still battling for 1st and 2nd as I write.

But as for the poker world? I have just literally tons of stuff going on. The odds on me making at least a cameo appearance at the summer blogger fest are improving, though I'm very unlikely to make an all-out-drunk, blow-the-weekend affair out of the matter. We'll see on that one.

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