Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Major Links Overhaul

Spring cleaning time at the ol' Haley's Poker Blog corral, which meant going through the link pile at lower left and getting rid of some of the old and expired blogs.  Sadly, there were quite a few entries down there that needed to go away, even as I discovered a couple of blogs that should have been there that somehow weren't.

While a lot of the old standbys of the poker-blog world remain in business, chugging along, it's shocking to see how poker's Black Friday really shook the guts out of what I refer to, with no meanness intended, as the second and third tiers of poker blogs.  No matter what our reasons for blogging, virtually every one of us so-called poker bloggers extracted some measure of poker joy from playing the game.  Since our opportunities for play have been reduced -- not eliminated, but reduced -- a lot of that joy has been taken away.  Hence the reason for many bloggers to write was taken away as well.

If you think I've removed your blog in error, please send a note.  I don't try to be all-inclusive, however, so if you've got an affiliate link trying to masquerade as a blog or if you're hiding your content behind a paywall, or something else that runs contrary to my personal concept of what blogs are supposed to be about, then I probably won't be linking you up.

More stuff soon.  Spring malaise lifting.