Sunday, April 01, 2007

My Favorite Poker Blogs, Early 2007

Times change, as do opinions. Let's rip off Yahoo's "Doing the Nines" concept, and go with one peripheral commenter's view on what that person --- me --- views as the best poker blogs, right now, today. The views are totally independent and totally mine; some of the people mentioned are friends and/or colleagues of mine, but that does not play into how I put together the list. Some sites I would have included previously have recently slipped into self-indulgence and indifference, while some other, newer sites have hit their stride. The list includes a heavy skew toward the sites I find to be the best reads, which admittedly, probably gives short shrift toward some of the best strategy-based blogs on the Web. Not all the sites listed are always about poker, but each remains, at its core, poker-based.

My stuff's not eligible to be included, just because I make the rules. Despite that, I can dodge tildes, baby.

And now, in reverse-alphabetical order, just because those tailenders seldom get their due:

sippinwhiskeyandpoker --- TenMile's softly stated posts aren't always about poker, but they are invariably enchanting or heart-warming or provide a valuable insight into something the rest of us overlook. An underappreciated read.

Quest of a Closet Poker Player --- I value honest, no-pretense writing, which is why I'd rather enjoy the latest C.C. missive than those of a lot of blogs with higher Bloglines numbers. I wish I were as honest a writer as C.C. I'm not, though I do try my best.

Pokerati --- Dan Michalski's Austin- Dallas-based effort continues to add collaborators and grow an audience, but the very best of the posts come from Michalski himself. Sez me. Pokerati's scope of topics open for discussion outclasses 'most every other blog, and the site manages to hop from one spot to the next and stay fair and levelheaded, a not-easy task to achieve.

Mean Gene --- Here's another veteran blogger still churning out quality content. When Gene tackles an issue, you're not only going to get the argument, you're going to get the reason for the argument.

Lou Krieger's Poker Blog --- Another topic- and news-oriented blog from one of the industry's most respected writers. Lou remains relevant because he offers a steady, low-key outlook on the poker world. Lou's depth of knowledge of the poker world is something that his posts only hint at; the man knows his stuff.

Hard-Boiled Poker --- Short-Stacked Shamus's posts are always high quality. Shamus is one of the few writers who tries to deep-think his way through the happenings of the poker world, and his smooth writing style adds weight to his opinions, which are invariably well-researched.

Guinness and Poker --- Yeah, it's really named Party Poker Blog, but it's still just Iggy. Iggy's bullshit detector continues to work just fine, and his ubers, though scarcer of late, remain legendary. Iggy's at his very best when he does the "deep scour," sifing through sources far and wide for the tidbits the rest of us might miss. And those whacked-out photos....

Calistri's Corner --- The best of the womens' poker blogs, by one of the best poker writers in the biz, man or woman.

Bill's Poker Blog --- After a stretch where I probably wouldn't have put it near the top, Bill Rini's blog has made a 2007 resurgence. Bill is among the most topical writer/reporters in the industry, and also among the most knowledgable. Ignore what he says at your personal and financial peril.

Bonus Entry? An e-mail I received today from Tim Lavalli sez that the Party Poker-sponsored is undergoing a rebirth. That was a great site in its previous existence, so here's hoping the fire can be relit.

Honorable Mention --- The rest of you. Just for trying.


jusdealem said...

Woot! Honorable Mention? I'll take it! LOL Nice 'best of' list. :)

CC said...

Wish I didn't have so much to be honest about...

Thanks for the shoutout and the kind words, Haley.

TenMile said...

Hmm? April 01? Hmm? You sure about this?

Umm. Well, thank you. Humph! Who'd a thought.

I mean, this is really nice.

pokertart said...

A few of those blogs are on my daily-read list...I'll have to check out the others!