Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The New Poker Math: 2 Bad Beats = +$18

Yeah, that's right, +$18. Howzat, you ask? Well, it's not really a bad beat story, though that's in the telling...

I was over at Bodog, sneaking in a couple of those $15+1 SNG turbos for which I've developed a moderate affection in recent months. I signed up to play two, and promptly took a ninth and another ninth. A-K went down in flames twice with the chips in while ahead; the first time, it was up against an A-10 that made a runner-runner flush, and the second time, it was against A-Q that caught the Q on the river.

Yawnsies, I know.

Net proceeds for what amounted to about 20 minutes of fun: -$32. But, in an opportunity that popped up the same day, I'm gonna have Bodog as a blog advertiser here in the very near future, and in blatant huckstering fashion, I'm picking up a bonus amount for doing a Bodog-themed post. I'm not going tell you the amount of the bonus, but I think you can figure it out right quick. Sixth-grade math skills needed.

It'll be nice to have a sponsor again. I've had both plus and minus experiences with the site, as I have with many, but they are standing up and doing some sponsoring deals at a time when a lot of other sites aren't. For that, at least, they deserve a good bit of praise.

And a thank-you from me.

Besides, the players are so fishy there, and that's not intended as plug. I never like bad beats when they happen but I accept them with ever-greater equanimity, and I expect more bad beats courtesy of bad players than from good ones. So the fishies got me for a couple, but even that's not all bad; in a lot of ways, I'd rather have a ninth than a fourth.

Back with more bait soon.

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