Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Single-Question Quiz:

Please review the following list of two-word titles:

Friendship Attachment
Painstakingly Offstage
Stopping Position
Pulpit Congressman
Sly Safe
Scuba Revelation
Plump Psychic
Forensic Oxford
Pate Curiosity
Inadvertently Proper
Above Native
Frankly Surrounding
Sausage Great
Alarmingly Laden
Small Snowbound
Secretive Protection
Tropical Vital
Valiantly Favored
Case Rooster
Descent Feature
Grudgingly Drawn
Morph Slide
Perpetual Airline
Strong Pulpy
Current Scratch
Frankly Male
Proudly Conducive
Get Schedule
Culinary Epiphany
Relative Score
Impromptu Chatter
Eventually Best
Picnic Necklace
Palm Patsy
Animation Finding
Sly View
Metro Fountain
Octagonal Password
Language Creativity
Lace Gossip
Wakefulness Center
Bitterly Sixteen
Comical Lover
Puffy Breezeway
Afterwards Skinny
Raptor Shy
Indoors Enormous
Plain Golf
Fearlessly Same
Imperturbably Tangled
Dew Ovation
Apologetic Vacuum
Sushi Lindy

And now the question...

Is this selection of two-word names:

A) The complete selection of May, 2004 Epsom Downs horseracing winners;

B) The roster of shades for the soon-to-be-release "Attitude d'Felt" poker-themed nail-polish line;

C) A collection of "house drink" names from London's Soho district;

D) The listing of non-generic ring-game tables available at Tony G Poker.

I can't really rule out A or C (I made B up), but the answer for sure is D. Yes, at Tony G Poker, you can sit down for a lively game at "Current Scratch," which happens to be a $0.50/1.00 NL Hold'Em table with a $150 max buy-in.

I've had fun with table-name themes on previous occasions, but I have to admit this collection is special, even as we can all admit that it's getting harder to come up with anything new. In this case, I'm guessing two guys got stoned, wrote down a whole bunch of words on scraps of paper, then drew them out two at a time to produce the selection you see above.

Which is kind of a shame, you see. I was so looking forward to some "Strong Pulpy" nail polish.

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