Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hellus Frozeus Overus

Back to defend at Wil's weekly WWdN tourney, and this does not capture the final table standings:

We actually chopped it three ways, for $142 each, in my case just because I wanted to chop a WWdN, and watch Wil open up his "subspace channel" to Stars support. That'll probably mess up Joanne's report, though it was good to see her cash, and my God, was that a fearsome final two tables of blogger types to have to face. Special props go to Iakaris, who I view as one of the very best new blogger-players in these tourneys and cashes in these things at about twice the frequency I do (and who writes too damned uncomfortably well, too), and poor Biggestron, who ran afoul of my ridiculous card rush at the bubble, not once but twice, to bubble. Sorry, sir.

In unrelated matters, yes, I know my links area is due for an update, and one is in the works. Right now my WCOOP-snoop duties have me up until between 3 and 6 a.m. for the next two weeks, so the schedule's a bit out of sync. I have a couple of new poker crosswords started, too, but I don't know when I'll find the hours to finish them up. Not for a week or two, it seems.

What's funny is that I have lots of new poker content to share. But it's appoaching 3:30 aye-em (an early night, in relative terms), and I need some sleep. Ta, all.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I will start calling you the brick wall. That's what it felt like I was running into everytime I encountered you in a hand!

Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Nice run back-to-back Haley, it was a pleasure keeping you company for a while both times. Did it make you smile that ten minutes after promising not to implode at the final table I did just that?

Not immediately, but later, I got a chuckle out of that.

See ya next week.

Haley said...

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't smiling at the irony, Iak. But not at the play --- you keep coming down on yourself too hard after making a not-unreasonable play. Take the week before, when you made that re-raise steal try with the A-7, three-handed. First, the opening standard raise doesn't tell you that much; you could well be ahead there. Second, it'd be hard to make the call against your push with anything less than a Class 1 or Class 2 hand, which, unfortunately, the A-K was.

Besides, you were trying to steal the $5,000, not win the $25,000 head-to-head. That's the point of distinction. That it was the wrong spot, and that you ended up with something akin to buyer's remorse, is simply part of the game. It was a bold play. It didn't work.

Not only do I -not- find significant fault with the play, I have to admit to having a bit of fun with it there on Tuesday after you went busto. Including the one I showed, I caught the tourist three times three-handed, and perhaps as a matter of faith, I raised every one of them, no matter the spot. I'm thinking of making it my auto-push semi-bluff hand in last-few-players situations. (That'll learn me.)

But I think you realized that, after the fact, despite what that one other onlooker had to say. I suspect that if you really thought I was trashing you (and I was not), that you'd be quite capable of expressing that to me on your own.

Oooh, the confirmation code for this one is "ypurposs." Love it!

Joanada said...

That was definitely one of the most fun weekly tournaments I have played in a while, and the chop was great to see in a WWdN! Awesome job :)