Thursday, September 21, 2006

Awright, I'm in

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I play poker at

Smaller, underrated, but growing site. Good software, even if their banner never seems to work on the first try. (Next time, Shane, will ya send me all of the code? That's what you get for censoring my very clever aside about fixing those barking tickets --- and for the rest of you, you'll just have to wonder.)

And as for everyone else, if you're interested in the Blogger Poker Tour but don't have an account... well.. wait, what's that? Is that a click-through affiliate banner offering a generous sign-up bonus, over there on the left? Why, how did that get there?


Jules said...

Just a drop by to say congrats on back to back great WWdN performances and that I fully expect you and 100 other great bloggers down here in Melbourne for the Aussie Millions :)


Haley said...

It'd be nice, Jules, wouldn't it? Funny in that my odds would probably be better on winning the 'live-blogging the BPT' part of it, just because of the number of sham blogs that always work there way in, and who wouldn't be doing any blogging to speak of. (Not picking on, mind you; they need PageRank hits, which pays for all the rest.)

But I'm essentially doing the live blogging every night right now covering the WCOOP, and adding the other might be a bit much. So maybe I'll just have to dig out the Cat-in-the-Hat-sized LuckHat and give it a whirl at the tables.

Thanks for visiting, too!

The Average Joe said...

I thought I was the only one having problems with the banner but I guess not...

Good luck in the BPT Haley!