Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Conjecturin', Vol. 49: The Names Behind Seven More Russ Hamilton UltimateBet Cheating Accounts

Picking up where we left off this morning, this post provides the actual account information attached to seven more accounts used in the UltimateBet cheating which were known to be used by Russ Hamilton in his long-running cheating scheme at that site.

This morning, I provided the real names as listed for four new cheating accounts, whose screen names had been listed within a photo dump by long-time Hamilton computer guy Travis Makar. Those four accounts -- BEER2GO, DIAM123, ILENDU and GOGRACY -- can be viewed here.

I also speculated that the links behind some of those names suggested that the way they were created was for Russ Hamilton to supply names and addresses of friends from his vast circle of acquaintances, and Makar created accounts in their names. Investigations elsewhere have shown that at least six of the AOL accounts in the Makar photo dumps, all housed at AOL, were registered either specifically to Makar's wife, Lauren, or to an unidentified person in the Las Vegas area (which could still be one of the Makars).

Since then I've received confirmation from a secret (but quite trustworthy) source, this afternoon on Skype, that this is exactly how these accounts were created.  Hamilton supplied the names and addresses and Makar used them to create UB accounts.

Now it's on to the next seven, which were identified in indirect means from other information in Makar's photos. Those seven accounts' screennames were released yesterday right here -- BRANSON, DANAS, STRAYCAT1980, TUNICADOG, VEGASRUN, WINDSORWIN and GREEKTOWN.

On to the details and related thoughts:


Dana Moser
P.O. Box 7092
Branson, MO
Relationship to Hamilton: Unknown as yet

In the last batch, there was a different Dana, a Dotson that lived in another town on the edge of the Missouri Ozarks (Fredericktown). This Dana's husband in named Darrel, and the two are in their 50s. Think that's a coincidence? Then there's this one:


Robert Stacey
3166 S. Morrish
Swartz Creek, MI 48473
Relationship to Hamilton: Unknown as yet

Does DANAS refer to two people named Dana, in some memory game of Hamilton's? Who knows? ... or cares, really. But this account goes back to someone in Hamilton's old Michigan stomping grounds. Mr. Stacey is in his early 60s.


Timothy Morgan
P.O. Box 2829
Oceana, WV 24870
Relationship to Hamilton: Unknown as yet

I didn't really believe there was an Oceana, WV until I looked, and yes, it's real, as is this gentleman, who today is in his early 50s. Again, the general age equality between all these people and Hamilton cannot be overlooked.


Louretta Daniels
P.O. Box 515
Laurel, FL 34272
Relationship to Hamilton: Unknown as yet

The ID behind this one had me puzzled for a short while, until I found this link: Louretta and her husband, George W. Daniels, are around age 60 and actually live in nearby Nokomis, FL. I'm gonna guess the Daniels met Russ at Tunica, just to take a shot at it.


Sharon Ward
PMB 122
1750 N. Buffalo, Suite 104
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Sharon Ward sold a home to Russ Hamilton in Las Vegas which also included transactions to Travis's mother, Rebecca Makar. Clearly and closely tied to Hamilton.


Rickey Stacey
20259 Foxboro
Riverview, MI 48192
Relationship to Hamilton: Unknown as yet

Back to Hamilton's old Michigan stomping grounds for this one. Is likely related to Robert Stacey (DANAS, above), and who knows -- there may even be a connection to the "Ricky C Gracy" stuff in this morning's account batch. Mr. Stacey is in his mid 50s.


Jim McCann
2765 Nearing
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Relationship to Hamilton: Unknown as yet

And yet another account with a purported Michigan address, linked to the UB cheating. McCann is an outlier by age among this presumed circle of Hamilton associates, being only 42 or so today.

. . . .

All of these people -- very real people, to be sure -- would have been included in the KGC's list of alleged Hamilton co-conspirators had these accounts been identified earlier. Whether they actually had anything to do with the cheating is another matter altogether. Nonetheless, the accounts existed, and thanks to Russ Hamilton, their names are now linked to online poker's largest-ever cheating scandal.

Again, anyone who can provide specifics as to the linkage between these people and Hamilton is welcome to contact me, and can either get a public shoutout or remain confidential, according to wish. At this point it's nothing more than completing the jigsaw and dropping in a few more random pieces, but the project goes on.


aaronluvsyababy said...

Haley love , I think theres a serious question to be answered here , lets say for example russ got a list of names and addresses from a phonebook ,would it not be reasonable to suggest he could simply use thier identities and create whats commonly known as identity theft? but obvs on a grand scheme of things.? seems a much more plausable suggestion 1 would think

Haley said...

Aaron, your comment would have a higher possibility if we didn't already know that Russ used the names of several other real-life friends and accomplices.

At some point Russ realized it was just easier to start making totally fake accounts, since they wouldn't actually be used for cashing out stolen money anyway.