Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just Conjecturin', Vol. 47: New Russ Hamilton Cheating Accounts Revealed

Welcome back, friends and neighbors, to the blog series that never ends. This time out, we'll toss out a few more accounts that have been linked to Russ Hamilton's cheating at UltimateBet.

The information released today is either included in or derived from a handful of photos that Hamilton's long-time computer guy, Travis Makar, has released to Bryan Micon over at Donkdown. You can find front-page links to the photos this piece references there, but as always, note that DD is a NSFW site, sometimes excessively so.

We're not going to talk about the whys of all this stuff today, merely build on what's there.  One photo shows an account linked to ex UB head Greg Pierson, screen-named "ubplayer".  I can verify after checking several sources that "ubplayer" is an account that was deleted from later UB files.

Makar released four other small groups of e-mail addresses and account names, seemingly in connection with the UB cheating.  A good share of my Saturday was spent researching these accounts.
One image shows the following series of aol user names: THENUTZFORME, IGAME4ME, RKYDH, POFANME, AHHROUNDER and LPWDRY.  These are not UB screen names, but the last one can be linked conclusively to the "LIVTHELIF" account purportedly registered to a "James Brunson," one of about a dozen and a half fake names already known to be used by Hamilton, as revealed earlier on this blog.  There is reason to believe that all six of these AOL names are related to other fake-named UB accounts that have already been discovered.
Not so with the other three images.  One of those three shows four new screen names not previously associated with the Russ Hamilton cheating.  Those four accounts:
Each can clearly be added to the list of known UB cheating accounts.  That leaves two images from the latest Makar batch, which together show the log-ins at various third-party e-mail sites for accounts under Hamilton's control.  All told those images show another 11 accounts.
After a day's worth of unexpected work and exhaustive cross-checking of other files in my possession, I am able to put screennames to seven of those 11 accounts, and they should also be added to the known "Russ Hamilton" cheating list.  These are the seven additional UB screen names which can now be tied to the cheating:
Each of these 11 new accounts, in turn, may also have used multiple screennames during their existence. 
Now here's the kicker.  Without getting into the specifics in great depth, it appears that each of these accounts is linked to a verifiable, real-life person, much like the Ron Saccavino / Dennis Novinskey / Natalie DiGioia accounts among those already outed, where these people allowed their names to be attached to accounts in probable exchange for other favors and compensation from Hamilton. 
My working theory (as yet unproven), is that Russ supplied the names and addresses from his real life
list of friends and acquaintances, and Travis set up the accounts for him.  I'll be releasing these as I confirm some of the links involved.
In any event, this expands the list of actual accounts now known to be involved by another 30 percent or so.  There will be others.

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