Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Schwamped! But a Bit of Bodog Pimpage to Tide You Over

Yeah, yeah, best laid plans....

There are lots and lots of lots of stories, but my work comes first, and personal tales second. As I often joke with my co-workers, my official title at the WSOP is "Glue." Some stretches are busier than others, and the occasional few hours of downtime are, for me, oh so necessary and enjoyed, and I often go days at a stretch where the laptop is literally on at my bedside, waiting for me to wake up and go at it again.

That said, I truly enjoy the WSOP, too. Sure, it can be a bit of grind, and sure, nothing ever goes quite exactly perfect, but that's work, that's life. Two more weeks of fun 'n' franticness left to go, and with the winding down of the preliminary schedule, we've now entered silly season. That's when all kinds of crazy events and parties and the mainstream media circus all occurs, in the days immediately preceding and surrounding the Main Event.

Speaking of the Main Event, I was pleased to see that Bodog tried to help $Smokkee, aka Ray, get into the Main Event. (I'm also rooting for the l'il dwarf, of course, and he can't dodge me on Day 2, since I have the seat assignments before they even go public.) Looks like I'll be sitting this one out, thanks to my oh-for-two in smaller events, though playing in a WSOP event of any type was always one of my poker goals, and that at least I have now accomplished. I have others, but those will have to wait for the future.

Bodog has also introduced the beta software for its new resizeable tables, and I will be returning to the site with much greater frequency in about to and a half weeks. I have played very little online poker of late, due, of course, to the time demands of working the WSOP, and I'm frankly really looking forward to resizeable tables on the site. Laptop users should really enjoy the convenience of this. I'm also one of those goofballs who isn't just satisfied to play on one site at a time; I often have tw or three different sites (and games) running at once. This change should dramatically improve the positioning of all the games I might be playing at any given time upon my laptops' screens.

There's also a new Bodog blogger event/series coming up, but with temporary apologies to all, I haven't had a chance to explore it fully yet. I'm sure I'll be there as time allows; save me a seat, kids.

It's been a good busy series. July and August will mean a bit of downtime and recovery for me -- as for so many of those who have gathered here in Vegas. I will be online much more beginning July 18th, excepting the stretch from August 18-25, when I will disappear utterly for about eight days, heading on down to the Ozarks for a bit of R&R. And one rule for me for those eight days: NO COMPUTER! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey, What's going at Bodog? I mainly play SNGs there, logged in the other day and there were none running...
Has their traffic dropped so much there's no one left to start these things up?

Haley said...

Beats me --- maybe there was a tech issue and they shut down or inactivated the SNGs to wok on it. I remember Stars doing that several times in the span of a week a couple of months back.