Friday, July 18, 2008

Poker Poker No Poker

The lack of posts by me during the latter part of my WSOP stay was probably expected. I was so saturated by working in the poker scene, I didn't play much of it, especially later in my stay. After bouncing out of the two WSOP events I tried, I couldn't justify doing any more lammer chases, since there wasn't much left on the schedule that I could reasonably expect to play.

The cash-game lineup in the Amazon Room started at $20/40 limit and went up from there, and the stuff up front in the Rio's poker room was basically shit poker. I couldn't find a game in my price range that seemed inviting.

I played only two live tournaments over my last three weeks on the scene, running fairly deep in each but failing to cash in both. One was when I went over to Caesars to grab a couple of photos of the WSOP Advanced Academy stuff, then went downstairs on a whim to the poker room and discovered I had three minuted left to enter that day's deep-stack series event. So I did and I played well for six hours, but took a double bad beat to depart. I also played one of the $340-buyin events at the Rio that kicked off at 7pm eah evening during the series, and I ran deep in that one as well, but ended up getting my chips in on a big draw that never got home. That was the extent of my live poker in the latter part of my WSOP stay. Burnout, no?

I did fire up the occasional turbo on Stars when I had an hour or two away from work and couldn't sleep. I ran well in those, at least, enough so that I can consider entering one or two of the WCOOP events or maybe a couple of Sunday Millions when those roll around. It's an option now.

I played the PokerNews freeroll but went out fairly fast in that. It was officially the off day at the WSOP, but just due to a lot of FUBAR-ish things happening, I ended up working a real long day. Work comes first. I wasn't in much of a mood to play poker that night, and as a result I wasn't there long.

It's only now, back in Illinois, that I'm even starting to have the itch to play again. I had toyed with the thought of stopping at Council Bluffs to play but events precluded that from happening, and by yesterday all I could do was focus on the road and finish the drive. More on that drive, by the way, next post. It was only about 53 hours overall but it played out as three full days of my life, and I'll be a day or two recovering and getting my body clock squared away. That would tend to explain the 3:30am posts, too....

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