Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Atlanta-Area Poker Raid Last Night

I haven't even gotten around to cross-posting my earlier entry of today over to the mothership, but news is spreading of a home-game raid that took place in the greater Atlanta area last night. This wasn't anything connected to the Atlanta Poker Club, of which I'm a remotely located but sticker-carrying member, but it does seem that a couple of people with whom I have poker friends in common were among those pinched.

The raid looks to be very similar to the one that went down in South Carolina a short while back, and several of the participants here lost more than their cash; they had their autos confiscated as well. Also, several of these poker players were carrying their "Tunica rolls" with them at the time, referring to a planned group trip to the WSOP Circuit festivities looming. Well, it no longer looms for a few of them, at that.

Sometimes my government disgusts me, so very, very much.

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Anonymous said...


Just wanted to mention that I finally linked you up on my blog. Sorry for the delay.

As for governments -

The Canadian government is getting ready to punish people who transfer media (such as CD to MP3) and those who use personal video recorders (PVRs, or TiVO in the U.S.).

Strange to think that we somehow "vote" for this, eh?

Anyway, nice blog. Haven't read much yet, but I will given the quality of the posts I have read.

Good luck in 2007!