Monday, November 06, 2006

Matusow D'Flambe

Last night's big online tourneys were so distinctive that they were worth not one extra post, but two. Over at the KAP Blog I mentioned that Mike Matusow pulled off one of his classic blow-ups at the final table of the Full Tilt $350,000 Guarantee, and I detailed a little technical oversight that put a crimp into what could have been a riotous finish to the Stars Sunday Million. Since I have lots of stuff to share this week, I thought I'd bring the approximate details of Matusow's flameout over here.

Judge for yourself. Here's how one goes from nearly a 2:1 chip margin over second place to the rail, in the space of three hands.

Hand 1: Eight players remain, Matusow's leading with a little over $1.4 million, and a player named '1stueyungar1' takes a pre-flop stab at the pot with pocket fours; 1stueyungar1 started the hand with just over $700,000 and bet about a quarter of that at the pot. It's folded all the way around to Matusow, who I believe was the big blind (I can't say it with 100% certainty because I was sweating multiple tables and a punk named Cory Carroll ['UGOTPZD'] was being a jackass at the final table at the Stars Sunday Million --- it took a bit of my attention).

Anyhow, Matusow makes this all-in re-steal push, which meant that 1stueyungar1 was getting only something like 1.6:1 on the call. That's not bad in a limit game, but at the final table, with 1stueyungar1 still with about $500,000 if he tosses the hand? With pocket fours, the best 1stueyungar1 can hope for is a toss-up, but he makes the call. Matusow turns out to have been on a steal with 9-7, but it turns out he still has two live overs! The overs don't connect, though --- 1stueyungar1's fours hold up, he's the one up over $1.4 million, and Matusow's down to just over $700,000.

The chat's going just berserk about 1stueyungar1's call, and I think I saw the steam coming out of the ears of Matusow's avatar. Because....

Hand 2: Matusow's in the small blind, and 'MrTimCaum,' who's been on a tournament heater in recent weeks, is in the big. Matusow has a little over $700,000, MrTimCaum a little over $550,000. It's folded all the way around to Matusow, who pauses a moment before completing (I believe to $40,000). MrTimCaun pops it to $120,000 or $160,000, I disremember. Matusow pauses again, then pushes. MrTimCaum calls and turns up K-Q, and Matusow? He's got 8-7. The flop comes A-K-J and this hand is over. Matusow's down to chump change.

I mean seriously, a limp/re-raise from the small blind means only of two things: you have a monster, or you're trying to represent one. So would you bet on Matusow having a monster there? I wouldn't either, and nor did MrTimCaum. Aye, yes, some chat nuggets:

Mike Matusow (Observer): hey u deserve it u put
your tour onlin ewith k high

Mike Matusow (Observer): so deserve it

Mike Matusow (Observer): u prayed i wad zero

Mike Matusow (Observer): and yoru prayer was answered

MrTimCaum: i'll give you a hug next time i see you in town (this was in response to Matusow)

Hand 3: Matusow's on the button, and one of the middle-position players slowplays pocket aces, guessing that Matusow's likely to push just about anything. Indeed he does, showing Q-J, which goes nowhere against the other player's aces. Bye-bye, Mikey. Hold on, let me grab the fire extinguisher.

As for 1stueyungar1, he made three big calls at this table which were (at best) debatable, and all three worked out. Needless to say, he ended up taking the thing down a half hour or so later.

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Thanks for coming out, Haley, and nice job on the recap.