Saturday, November 18, 2006

Igg on My Face

Oh, not like that. Pervs.

It's always a rare pleasure to get a e-mail from the Iggster, who may, truth be known, might share one belief with both me and Mr. Ed: He doesn't speak unless he has something to say.

Of course I've been reading the same things as everyone else, and it brings a personal reflection. While I take things such as this blog quite seriously as I write, it's still a bit of a stunner to realize just how profundly someone else's blog --- meaning Iggy's --- has affected a large number of people. Al's tribute was phenomenal, Otis's thoughts deep and articulate, Pokerati Dan's tribute uber really well done, April's thoughts sweet, and for God's sake, that video (go to Otis's or Dan's site for the link)... who'da thunk that someone would immortalize a poker blogger in song?

Geez. I mean really... geez.

But I did receive a note recently from the famed one, who, truth be told, I've never met. He wanted to check on something I'd written and verify that I'd said it. Yes, I did. Wish I hadn't, or rather, I wish I'd articulated my thoughts in a slightly different way. I don't know what it is that Iggy's writing, or if he's writing anything at all, and besides, it's his stuff --- I won't share specifics. He says there's just a little bit more coming up over at G&P. Whatever it is, it's good to see that there's still a bit of twitch in the corpse. We can all hope, for there are few blogs I'd miss as much as Guinness and Poker.

And thanks, Iggy, for the encouragement, then and now.

> < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > <

What else? Rumors that I'm working on a major piece are quite true, but the story grows bigger and bigger, and as a result, it keeps getting pushed back and back and back. It's days away from being ready for public view, and God forbid, maybe even weeks. I've shown snippets to a couple of trustworthy people, but additional research has shown to me that a lot of what I originally thought in this matter was wrong. And I can't, in this one, engage in any sort of internecine pissiness; I need to get it right, or at least as much of it as right as I can.

Changing gears. Since there's a lot of video links floating around lately, I thought I'd share this one. Not only is it among the most cogent worldviews I've ever seen, but the true acolyte can sing along, too! Click away, kiddies, and enjoy:

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