Thursday, April 01, 2010

Kahnawake Gaming Commission Identifies Authorities Assisting Ongoing Investigation in UltimateBet Scandal

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission today confirmed its ongoing efforts in the long-running UltimateBet online poker scandal by releasing a roster of noted authorities to whom information regarding individuals connected to known cheating accounts has been released.

According to a Mohawks of Kahnawake spokesperson, "We believe this confirms our diligent efforts to see the UB perpetrators brought to justice, and strengthens our own international reputation as a bastion of well-regulated online gaming. However, due to the secret nature of these authorities' ongoing investigations, it is possible for us only to show pictures of each authority, rather than listing them by name.

"As one can see," continued the Kahnawake source, "the authorities depicted here represent the top level of international oversight, along with a good measure of derring-do. We continue looking forward to working with these respected authorities in hopes of one day making the entire UltimateBet cheating scandal an inconsequential sidenote in online-gaming history."

The complete roster of authorities:

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