Tuesday, September 01, 2009

An Unintended WCOOP Tradition... and a Mea Culpa

A Major Apology Here: The stuff I said about young toolboxes at the tables still stands, but a major apology here by me. It wasn't Elie Doft. It was some imitator using the handle "What is 7+6", whereas Elie uses "What is 7x6". I didn't pick up on the difference. Elie also thought I was attacking Mickey, but I wasn't; Mickey's one of the hardest, best live workers I've seen in the poker world. Meanwhile, Elie apparently has a toolbox using a variation of his screen name, ad homage.)

One of the funniest things about WCOOP time each year is watching the annual parade of one- and two-game ponies showing up in regular HORSE tourneys running on Stars, thinking that they're suddenly going to translate their NHLE or PLO aggro games into a quick win and lots of HORSE glory.

It's a different game, kiddies.

I was playing the late-night $33 HORSE tourney when I was reminded of this funny stuff yet again, with the most recent example of this a player on Stars called 'What is 7+6'. This player didn't do too well in this one, crashing out barely into the second rotation. I knew it would be a quick night for him when I saw him calling along with an up board of 9-8-6-5 in stud hi/lo, with three of the 7's already accounted for elsewhere and two of the other three opponents with solid-looking low boards, including aces. He didn't have the case 7, nor much of anything, it seemed, and mucked in this hand as expected. He might have had a hidden draw or been hoping to hit an 8-low, but it was a hand where an 8-low was unlikely to win.

I do find it entertaining that so many of these kids wait until the last minute to try to learn new games in time for the WCOOP.

In the meantime, it's more EV for the rest of us.


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