Sunday, May 03, 2009

Not a Whine

Logged my first-ever Sunday Million cash today and went out in 499th spot. Last hand, I had aces, other player had kings. King flopped, and it turned out another player had folded K-7, so it was ye olde one-outer.

Why no whine? Easy, really. I'd gotten it all in with A-K about three laps earlier and ran it square into pocket aces, and the board on that one ran out 6-5-7-8-9. We all have selective memory, but mine was honest, at least this once.

Next time!


dbcooper said...

Good result. Congrats. Those one outers happen way more online than in the real world.......

Haley said...

Thanks for the thanks. As for part two, nah, I've seen some absolutely crazy stuff live and I was only a short distance away from the royal flush vs. quad aces hand at Ray Romano's table last WSOP. I mean, he's about two percent to hit the one-outer and dodge my other aces, assuming they're in play. It happens... just not often.