Thursday, February 26, 2009

Looking for Solutions

One of these days, I'm a-gonna recapture my magic at the table. I thought I had turned the corner earlier this month, but an extended downswing in the last week has me right back to square one.

I'm also going to switch up the sites I play on, although its been rare of late when I've had the chance to play. Since I'm on this slide at Stars and Merge recently, and I'm saving my meager Tilt 'roll for some of those BBT4 thingies, I plan on sampling several poker tournaments at Bodog in the near future. As always, the overlays there are nice, and there's something to be said about factoring in overlay existence as part of proper game selection.

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lightning36 said...

It is funny how a site can be a gold mine for you and then just as quickly become your worst enemy. I then switch sites and sometimes do not go back for months ... until a different good site turns on me.