Monday, December 15, 2008

At PLO, Yet

Had a couple of hours to kill Monday afternoon so I fired up the first WBCOOP event, which was PLO. It's perhaps my weakest game, but it had a great entry fee -- free (thanks, Stars!) -- so in true what-the-hell fashion I gave it a go.

I had some good cards early, getting it in ahead a couple of times and having the lead hold, and then I just kind of worked it in toward the guaranteed seats, which were the top 72 out of something like 460 entries. We were almost there when I realized that we were actually playing for more than just qualifying seats for the final; there were some pretty nice prizes for the final-table players, in particular.

I didn't make it that far, bowing out in 24th at the hands of this dude. He'd better win after sucking out on me to bounce me, not that I had any chips left at that point. Go get 'em, Tom. I also saw that I was being railed by this blogger late, who I'm not sure I know. But in any event, thanks for the rail. I'm happy enough with the Step 3 coupon and the guaranteed seat in the final.

Best of luck to all of you.


vandy said...

Not a stalker, but I do follow your blog and have played with you in some of the blogger tournies.

I think your link to my blog is the first ever... thanks.

btw ~ do you ever make any of the Rockford Charities games? I'm in the NW burbs also.

Haley said...

I've played in a few of them without much success. So far the players at those, to be not very PC about it, have exited a rather high degree of donkitude... and to date they've been successful in running me down when behind. I've also heard tales about cash-game dealers pocketing chips from the pots, so I've been skipping that part of the Rockford Charity action. I hope you have better luck than me. I've done better in a couple of the private games and tourneys I've found around the area, so Rockford Charitable doesn't seem to be anything mandatory to me.

vandy said...

I dropped a couple of bills at their event in AH last night (fortunately, I'm still up a little for the month).

Didn't know about the dealer issue, but defintely have witnessed the donkitude...

I still haven't qualified for the PS blogger main event - good luck to you!