Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good Times, Bad Times

Whereas February had been a really good month for on Stars, March has been the polar opposite to date, so much so that I've fired up alternate sites on occasion just for the change of pace. The start of March was pretty ugly on those sites as well, until a first and a second in a couple of small MTTs at least trimmed the overall losing buy a bit.

Still, it's been a struggle. Here's the epitome of good news / bad news, as occurred in a Bodog turbo SNG I was playing while being bounced on the bubble in last week's Bodonkey. (First time I've made that in a month, by the way.)

The Good News: Making quads in back-to-back hands. I don't remember doing that before in any "normal" poker game.

The Bad News: Still only finishing third in the dang SNG.

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