Saturday, October 28, 2006

From the Mailbox: Next Time, Note the "(if necessary)" Tag

You know, I am fond of the folks at, home of Mansion Poker, even if seems as though they manage to shoot themselves in the corporate foot as often as not. Let's see, there was:

... the horrendous plague of technical issues that crashed the site repeatedly in its first weeks of launch, wiping out tournament after tournament, promotion after promotion;

... that lovely, never-to-be repeated $1,000 Steelers promotion, which I did not partake of. Even if they laid off half the action, that was still a $2.5 million giveaway, since the team they didn't want to win, won;

... running front-heavy promotions and launching the Mansion Poker Dome show just before the passage of the UIGEA, putting a ton of investment at risk.

I feel for Mansion, I really do. But their timing is dreadful. Now, the latest missive from Mansion, which arrived in my e-mail box with the title, "Added Value Tournaments this weekend."

Below this pretty header was the meat of the offer (boldface mine):

We're holding an added value BASEBALL SPECIAL poker tournament this Saturday, giving you the chance to scoop a heap of extra cash this weekend.

We'll add an extra $200 to the prize pool for every run scored in the World Series game on Saturday 28 October. This will be split between the top three finishing positions with 1st place getting 50% of the added extra, 2nd 30% and 3rd 20%.

So if the final score is Detroit Tigers 5, St. Louis Cardinals 3, we'll add $1600 to the prize pool. That means you'd get an EXTRA $800 if you win the tournament (8 runs x $200 x 50%).

Find the "WORLD SERIES - BASEBALL SPECIAL" in the poker lobby and register now!

Plus... if you knock out either of the two MANSION hosts - representing the Detroit Tigers or St. Louis Cardinals, we'll give you $100 for every RUN that team scores in Saturday's game. So for example, if you knock out Host Detroit Tigers from the tournament, and that team scores 6 runs, then we'll give you $600 (6 x $100).

If you have any questions please email us at

. . . .

And now, the kicker: Even if there had been a Game Six on Saturday, it wouldn't have mattered --- the e-mail showed up in my inbox hours after the game would have been scheduled to start.

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