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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

WSOP Swag Report

Good thing the luggage I took to Vegas was packed ver-r-r-r-r-y loosely; the bags came back stuffed. Matter of fact, the bags came back not even the same bags, since an inexpensive red duffel was folded down and tucked within, superceded by a new Mansion Poker Dome duffel that the show provided to each of the lucky participants.

Thirteen days in Vegas, mostly at the WSOP. I did not try to accumulate swaggage; nonetheless, an assortment of trinkets 'n' trash found its way into my possession and made the trip with me back to the dreary Midwest. Let's see what the bags provided, once re-opened...

From the WSOP:

Two --- count 'em, two --- official WSOP media kits;
Gutshot.com World Series of Poker 2006 Souvenir Programme;
Card Player 2206 WSOP Official Event Program;
Magazine: Woman Poker Player;
Magazine: Top Pair Magazine;
Magazine: American Poker Player;
Magazine: Poker Life;
Magazine: High Roller;
Pokernews.com t-shirt, dark green;
Harrah's Rincon Casino ballcap;
Flopgear "Antonio 'The Magician' Esfandiari" card cover;
Paradise Poker tote bag (useful for carrying all the other stuff!);
Deck of Cards: Bodog "Forbes" design
-- the backs of each card feature a mini version of the Forbes cover featuring Calvin Ayre. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha;
Deck of Cards: Full Tilt;
Deck of Cards: Bodog Poker;
Deck of Cards: Bet Hold'Em Poker;
Deck of Cards: PokerListings.com;
Absolute Poker baseball;
Poker Player's Alliance lapel pin;
WSOP "Lucky You" card cover;
Pokershopping.com casino-chip keyring;
Bodog.com WSOP shot glass;
Full Tilt card protector;
Bodog 2006 WSOP card protector;
WSOP $500 souvenir chip;
Bodog Lounge entry dog-tag #219 (drink chip);
Full Tilt Lounge poker drink chip;
Bodog Loung white drink chip;
Atomictables.com holographic souvenir chip;
High Roller Magazine souvenir chip;
Party Poker money clip;
Atomictables.com mini-frisbee
-- it's either that or the top to a microwave-soup can... I'm not really sure;
Warner Bros. Pictures "Lucky You" trailer DVD;
Red Line Films "One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stu Ungar" DVD
-- Nolan Dalla dropped a batch of these off in the media room. Thanks, Nolan!

From the Mansion Poker Dome excursion:

Mansion Poker Dome duffel bag (as mentioned above);
Bottle of champagne (now deceased);
Mansionpoker.net Ultimate Guide to Poker;
Mansion Poker Dome bomber jacket
-- heavy, black leather/felt, designed a bit like a letterman's jacket;
Mansion Poker ballcap, black;
Mansion Poker t-shirt, black;
Mansionpoker.net oversized lapel pin
-- "If you want you vs. me...let's go. Welcome to the game." (???);
Mansionpoker.net pen
Mansionpoker.net Poker Dome Media Photo CD
-- a few of these were left lying around at the press conference --- darned if I didn't help myself to one!



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