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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Poker.com's Blogger Poker Tour (BPT) Event #7: The 'CawtBloggin' Invitational

While Kris at Poker.com continues to work on the details, I get the much easier chore --- announcing here that I've been asked to bloghost the next event (Event #7) on the schedule of the Blogger Poker Tour [BPT] over at Poker.com. It's called "The CawtBloggin Invitational." Just because.

The specifics? Thanks for asking! Event #7 will be held on June 10th, at 15:30 GMT-5. That's code for "Greenwich Mean Time minus five hours"... or 4:30 p.m. ET here in the States. [Thanks, Mike! I had this screwed up by one hour myself, overlooking in my translation that GMT doesn't move with the shift to British Summer Time, which is like our Daylight Savings Time. So when U.S.-ers are in the DST months, then GMT-5 actually points to Central Time, whereas in the winter, GMT-5 is correct for Eastern Time. Doh!] So that's 3:30 CDT, 2:30 MDT, 1:30 PDT, and something like 1:30 a.m. for anyone playing down in Sydney.

(And on digressions, don't get this Midwestern gal started on why we always have to translate times for the benefit of U.S. East Coasters... having worked in the TV-listings industry, I can tell you that that's just the way it is. Population, you see, has its privileges. Anyone remember the days when all the time zones were listed for a given show, like "9/8/7/6"? When cable took off, along came West Coast/Pacific feeds... but that's another tale.)

Anyhow, my thanks go out to Kris and the other folks at Poker.com for the invite; I'd like to see lots of people sign up for Event #8 as well, where a whole, big heapin' pile o' seats to the BPT Final Event, where that WSOP package and lots of other very nice swag will be awarded. But in order to be eligible for that eighth event, assuming you already have a poker blog bursting with all sorts of pokery goodness, you'll need to sign up before this Event #7 takes place.

Seriously, think about it if you haven't signed up already. When I've done the math and seen the work that's gone into this by Poker.com, the BPT is the best gift that poker bloggers have received to date. It deserves this pimpage. Note, too, that since I've already luck-boxed my way into winning a seat into the BPT final, it frees up yet another final-event coupon for anyone still trying to crack the field. Could you ask for better? I think not!

The technical details (such as the password for the event) are still in the works, and more info will be posted both here and at the BPT home site in the very near future. Check back often for updates.


Blogger imjusthere4thebeer said...

Hey Haley,

Great selection of hostess those BPT peeps made! I am very much looking forward to your hosted event!

As a small sidenote, us east coasters are now on GMT-4 time, which puts the time for us at 4.30pm EDT. So, I think GMT-5 has moved to the right by one timezone (this could also be a population thing, but I'm not sure).

Congrats on the hosting spot, and also on your poker magazine gig!

Talk to you soon,


9:38 AM  
Blogger Haley said...

Thanks, Mike! I'll double-check the timing on this --- however, it's better to have folks show up an hour early than an hour late.

12:36 PM  
Blogger cerberi said...

Congratulations on hosting bloggertour event.I have played in all of them and hope your event will be as much fun as the rest.

12:50 AM  

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