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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Announcements, Odds, and a Stepladder Freebie

Some time back I promised a bit of news on a second poker-writing gig, and after a bit of a delay it's time to spill the beans. I was asked to contribute to the efforts over at Poker Magazine, under the able editorship of Mickey Wilson. My first piece will be appearing soon (exact date TBA), but it will be in the "beginners" strategy/advice area, a new addition to the site. Once everything is in place, there will be a more formal link here to the site and to the piece itself.

On the playing front (instead of the "writing about it" front), not much to report. I've had a good run in small MTT's, cashing or moving on to the next level in five of my last six, including picking up a ticket for one of those $250/17 events on Pokerroom.com. Yes, after all these years, I've finally given Pokerroom.com a look-see, as much so I can write my own review of it as anything else. Unfortunately, my recent cash-game thumpings there and elsewhere have cancelled out any profit from these recent MTT's. Ahh, the ebb and flow of the cards...

I'm certainly not the only one who's read Lou Krieger's poker-based "open challenge" to Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the driving force behind much of the anti-Internet gaming legislation on the federal level. Nice touch, Lou, though we all know the odds of a direct Goodlatte response to this challenge approach infinity. One wonders how doofi of the Goodlatte flavor manage to win election in the first place, until one realizes that politics is like an MTT of power-hungry, self-serving doofus types. Ultimately, some of them always cash get elected.

And to think our country has the best system, at that.


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Congrats on the gig!

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