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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Brief Segue to KAP

Not that I can post there much these days, but since a self-described "fan" :-) wondered where my pieces were, I decided to squeeze in a short strategy piece detailing an interesting DSP (dry side pot) situation at casual-level stakes. I haven't had the chance to try much strat stuff lately, so click here if you're interested.

As for me, the tale comes from Monday night, when very late I still couldn't sleep and decided to fire up a couple of turbos on Stars. Duck... duck... duck... goose! I crashed out of three straight 18-player turbos, all while hanging around in one of those $12 180-player turbo things, where I came back from something like 38th with 45 remaining to post an improbable win. I'm not a great front-runner, but I can battle with a short stack nigh unto death. Kathy Liebert is my idol, din'ja know?

Someday the poker gods will explain to me why I must always endure long, dry streaks, then have three or four nice showings at once. You'd think that you'd have stretches where you'd just sprinkle the nice showings in every so often without clumping them together, but for me it never works that way.


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