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Saturday, May 24, 2008

And... Off!! (Or Just About)

Last post here before the mad dash to Las Vegas begins in the morning. My last online poker for the duration, pending unusual circumstances, was a couple of evenings back, and it was another nice night, with several cashes in those $16 Stars turbos I'm becoming increasingly fond of, along with a second-place finish in the $2,500 over at Carbon.

Notice how I don't relate all the specifics of the downswings when those are going on? It's not that I don't have plenty of those as well, but as of tonight it's rushus interruptus anyway. For the next 50 days or so it'll be an immersion into the live game, with tons of work to do and a handful of old friends to touch base with as (and if) time allows. Though I'm admittedly a wallflower, and will likely eschew most of the party scene, I'll still try to say hi to a few folks along the way.

See ya there, kids.


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