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Sunday, May 06, 2007

So Long It Felt Positively Rusty

When you don't play for a while, how does it feel the fist few minutes you sit back down in a game? Do you feel rusty, or do you pick it back up again without missing a beat?

I'm definitely in the former, as indicated by the title, but I did sneak in just a bit of poker time during lulls in the other insane business of the week. That minuscule amount of poker consisted of four small SNG's over at poker.com, with a single second-place cash to show for it, and two SNGs and a small freezeout event over at Bodog. Another second place in an SNG and a just-missed-the-final-table cash in the freezeout were in the books when the play was done. Cash-wise, it was a wash. Almost to the penny.

But it was poker, y'know? Darn, it felt good. And that was only after a nine-day layoff.

I'm being taunted to go up to the Wisconsin Northwoods and play some 1/2 NL at a couple of the casinos up there, where the fish are in the lakes and the rocks are at the tables. Lake of the Torches Casino in Lac du Flambeau is a probable stop, and I might venture over to Turtle Lake if I can sneak it in. Flambeau has something like three tables in the whole j'int, so it'll be a change of pace for sure. I've found that when there aren't a lot of games to choose from, the games themselves tend to be more sedate.

We'll see if it still holds true.


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