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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Something Bad, Something Durned Good

A freeroll sort of Sunday for me, including the WBCoOP at Poker Stars, where I finished an uninspiring 473/2247 and have now gone 1-for-2 on "swags" in this fun event. But why settle for one free tournament when one can play two or more? Especially since my ol' boat anchor runs Poker Stars software quite nicely, thereby freeing up the newer machine for another game or games.

On Sundays --- assuming that I am playing poker that day --- I also try to take advantage of my earned entry into Poker.com's $20K weekly freeroll. I've usually earned enough points to participate, and with 700-800 entries most times that I've seen, this one's worth the visit. In my six or eight previous tries I'd managed one "just barely cashed" (for $5), and one "middlin' good run" (for $50, IIRC). Today's was a bit better:

I think it's my biggest single online cash, though I have topped it a couple of times in private tourneys. As usual, I did it in non-dominant form; I had the tourney leader on my left for much of the day across three separate tables. But success was simple --- or at least simple to explain. I won three or four toss-ups (and I think one suckout, but that was very early on), and had my preflop-best hands hold up consistently throughout. At the end I went out on a semi-steal. Down to four and with an M of about 9, I pushed UTG/Cutoff with a raggy ace. Unfortunately, the leader (in the seat behind me) called with his pocket fours, and though I flopped the nut flush draw, I whiffed the turn and river.

I had built up a tight image and I was playing to win... I can live with it. It was death-by-blinds time, anyway.

I also ran deep in the same site's daily WSOP satellite qualifier, playing it concurrently with this and the WBCooP, but crashed out in the final two tables. I've been that deep five or six times with no rewards yet, but I'll keep trying.

Today poker make me hap-pee. I'm easy to please.


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