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Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh, Yeah, It's 2009

Rumors of my demise have been somewhat exaggerated, though i did field a couple of e-mails of late wondering where the heck I was. "Busy times" is the short answer. I've desperately needed to spend some hours with friends and family of late, and the online poker swongs had eased a bit but were still trending generally downward.

I did finally arrange to get a few dollars back onto Full Tilt there, so I may play some of the blogger events under my supersekrit screen name there that no one knows, and maybe see if I can tilt Waffles. I did final-table the Daily Double B a week or so ago, which ain't really worth mentioning except for that at one point about an hour in, I was down to 75 chips with the blinds at 25/50. Yeah, I ran a bit better after that.

Stars has been a slowly ebbing trend but not enough to panic over; I've learned that online ranking services are widely inaccurate for all but the highest-volume players. In the past year, for example, OPR has shown my three-month ROI percentages as high as +93% and as low as -30%. That just tells me that the variance in my game exceeds their standard tracking period, and if does so for me, it must be similar for lots and lots of other players as well. Given, of course, that I've been back down to Bronze Star level on Stars since September or so, simply from not having the time to play. Maybe this month I can at least make Silver.


I've played at Bodog barely at all, and over at Merge I'd seen my biggest swongs, not helped by the fact that the bad-beat jackpot has grown so large that it's been worth dropping a few buy-ins to chase. But my bread and butter there, the smallish nightly guarantee MTTs, had been treating me... rather rudely. This week, though, I finally managed to not only make two final tables, but to take both of them down.

Maybe I'm due for an upswing.

Maybe you'll see at me a table in the near future; maybe not. As the saying goes, only time will tell.


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