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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Mail-strom

Maybe today I'll finally get more of my mail heading back to me and my apartment... not that that turned out to be a problem while I was off in Vegas at the WSOP.

I had arranged to have all my mail forwarded to a nearby friend's house during my trip west, and it turned out that because my trip was longer than 30 days, they insisted that I do an official change of address for the duration. Whatever; I'd live at that friend's house previously for a few months, so that part of it was no big deal.

The bigger part is, why bother? Upon my return, after seven weeks, I had received exactly six pieces of first-class mail at the new, albeit temporary address. Tons of important things were missing -- banks statements, bills, checks, all sorts of goodies. Until I made my next stop upon returning at my own apartment's mailbox, and found all that stuff crammed down inside.

Third-class mail does not get forwarded, but on the first-class mail, I estimate they actually sent less than 20% of the stuff forward. That's a new low for me in terms of experiencing first hand our postal service's incompetency. I'd file a complaint, but if they're really that bad, it's a totally wasted gesture.


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