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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Taking Shots, and Taking Shots

Like I said, I've been taking higher shots lately. There is, of course, a huge difference between taking those shots and winning at them, which doesn't mean I'm any less determined.

At the very least, I'm getting knocked out by a better class of poker player, as evidenced by this screen grab from a recent try at the Bodog $100,000 Sunday Guarantee:

Yep, he got me. We were both deep here, inside the final 200 players with 63 cashing, and we were both relatively short-stacked, down around 4,000 with blinds at something like 150/300 or 200/400. We'd both been really quiet in the previous three or four orbits and had been ground down into the danger zone. I got the chips in bad, 'nuff said, after he opened from the cutoff and I moved in from the small blind. It happens. At least he used my chips to finish 16th.


Blogger $mokkee said...

Rizen took a sick beat to finish 16th too. he turned trip 5's in a limped pot from the SB against some guy in LP who had TPNK. Rizen made a weakish bet on the turn (standard rope-a-dope play)prompting the other clown to push all in. vilian rivers higher trips.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Bet365 Poker Pro said...

I had a similar situation a few days ago and decided not to play with consecutive cards (3, 4 off suit).

Of course, the flop gave me a straight and I kicked myself but never know when is good or bad to play something like 3, 4. I see others doing it all the time but the chances can't be good can they in hitting your straight?

Is it worht hanging in there for better cards at this stage in the game or better to go all in and hope for the best??

6:42 AM  

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