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Saturday, June 23, 2007

They Shoulda Called It the 'Poker Porch'

Spelling: note the single l.

© From the Hutchinson Encyclopaedia.
Helicon Publishing LTD 2007.
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I spend a bit of time each day trying to soak up the latest news from the world of poker, even though most everything right now, as you can see from the above, emanates from Harrah's and the WSOP. Which means I've read a little bit of everything by everyone. One of the things that is most decidedly missing is a standardized guide for the basic use of poker terms and symbols, not that the spelling above is a part of that --- it's just one of those things I've noticed. Who knows, maybe even Harrah's has it spelled wrong in the first place --- their event names are more than a bit clunky in grammatical terms.

As for a poker 'style guide,' maybe I'll write one. Lord knows, I'm nitty enough at times to do it.


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